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Today we are going to teach you how to make a very typical introduction to bulerias de jerez. It is an introduction that is usually done at the beginning of the party by bulerias. It is played by many flamenco guitarists and is characterized by its soniquete.      […]

Introduction by Bulerias de Jerez

Today we are going to see the second part of how to play Bulerias at 6. We will see several examples of rhythms by bulerías at 6 and we will give several tips to continue working with this type of sherry compass. The compass of Bulerias de Jerez is one […]

How to play bulerías at 6 – Part 2

Today we are going to see the fourth arpeggios tutorial by bulerias; we will play it in normal, slow time and we will also make a detailed explanation of the exercise. Arpeggios are a very important part of modern bulerías, they serve to make falsetas, introductions and also to accompany […]

How to play arpeggios by bulerias Nº 4

In this flamenco guitar video tutorial, we are going to see the bulerías arpeggios. In this third edition we will see a typical arpeggio for bulerías; we will play it in normal time, slow and I will explain it, all along with the flamenco metronome or flamenco clock.    […]

How to play arpeggios by bulerias Nº 3

Today we are going to make a demonstration of how to accompany some flamenco alegrias in the tone of “A major”. This video includes a flamenco metronome (flamenco clock) of 12 beats and the tablature of chords to follow the accompaniment. The accompaniment to flamenco singing with guitar is one […]

Accompaniment to Cante by Alegrias in “A MAJOR”

Today we will see a falseta made by the great teacher Tomatito, por alegrías, along with Camarón in many of his performances that are recorded. It is a falseta for alegrías simple with some nuance of complexity. We will play it in slow, normal time and we will explain it, […]

Falseta por Alegrias de Tomatito – Alegrias lesson Nº ...

This time we will teach how to make a chopped alegrías quite simple, we will play it in slow and normal time, I will also explain it and all of it under the flamenco metronome (flamenco clock) por alegrías. Chopping is a more dominant flamenco guitar technique and in which […]

How to make a Picado by Easy Alegrias – Alegrias ...

On this occasion we will explain some of the ways that there is to pass from the touch by means of the touch on the top and vice versa. It can be done in many ways but today we will see only a few, trying to explain the basic concept, […]

Go from the “By means” touch to the “Up” and ...

Today we will explain how to accompany the cante por alegrías de cádiz. We will see where the most important time is, within the joys, to make the change of chords according to the cante that they are doing to us. We will also see the typical “tiriti tran”, as […]

Explanation Accompaniment to Cante by Alegrías de Cádiz

Today we are going to see an accompaniment to flamenco alegrías in the tone of C Major, with 3 letters and their typical chords, as well as the mythical “Tiriti tran” as an introduction to cante. Includes flamenco metronome and tablature chords. GET THE SONG WITHOUT GUITAR IN OUR SHOP […]

Accompaniment to Alegrias Flamencas