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On this occasion we explain the falseta and the accompaniment to the cante of the song by bulerías by Juan de la Morena. This accompaniment to cante goes in major chords and the falseta is very typical of this type of bulerías with much joy.

Explanation of the bulerías by Juan de la Morena – ...

On this occasion we played a bulerías cuplé called “colored pins” with the visual aid of a flamenco metronome for bulerías and tablature chords. The accompaniment of the cupcakes by bulerias is usually done in minor chords, this time it is “a minor”.

Accompaniment Alfileres de colores with chords and metronome

In this video tutorial of flamenco guitar, we will see how to accompany some bulerias of sherry. The accompaniment to cante por bulerias de sherry is one of the most important parts of flamenco, being a very touched stick in it. Includes chords and flamenco metronome.  

Accompaniment to cante by Bulerias of Jerez – Nº 2

In this tutorial of flamenco guitar, we will see how they accompany to cante a bulerías of sherry. This video includes the chords and a flamenco metronome to better understand where the chord and rhythm chords come in.  

Accompaniment to the singing by Bulerias de Jerez

In this video tutorial of flamenco guitar, we will see how they accompany, when singing, bulerías de cádiz. Two letters in normal time and slow. These types of bulerías are, as its name indicates, typical of Cadiz and are very cheerful; Almost always they are preceded by some cantes by […]

Accompaniment by Bulerias of Cadiz

This time we are going to see how it does an accompaniment to the cante by solea, with metronome and chords of solea included. It is an accompaniment to cante “above”, with traditional chords and a slow beat to be able to follow the singing and video. So do not […]

Accompaniment to Sing by Solea with Metronomo and Chords

I leave you three other forms of accompaniment to cante by bulerías in the tone of C# Phrygian (without cap). They are some basic accompaniments to cante to understand the tonality, without making many adornments. So do not hesitate to learn it, you are a guitarist.  

Three ways to accompany buleria – Nº 3

On this occasion we are going to make an accompaniment to the singing of the song by bulerías “I do not believe it” of Parrita, also sings Marina Heredia. The nut is in Fret 5. So do not hesitate to learn it. You are a guitar player!  

Bulerias Accompaniment: No me lo creo (song)

This time we will do the third accompaniment by “up” tangos for the song “Aunque es de noche” by Enrique Morente. The accompaniment of today is based on the tones of Taranta (F# Phrygian) and we will exploit the arpeggio technique among many others. The cadence Andalusian in this tone […]

Accompaniment Flamenco Tangos 3 “por arriba” – Aunque es de ...