Basic guitar songs

A big question you have when you start to play guitar, are the songs that we can play, difficult? On the contrary, in the world there are basic songs with 2, 3, 4 … chords you can play with “a simple basic rhythm guitar” (or as I say rhythm of camp).

In the network we can find thousands of simple tabs or programs like Guitar Pro or similar to learn the typical songs for a romantic dinner day friends /.

Spanish songs manolo garcia, fito, Duncan Dhu, she dances alone and groups of this style are very simple to get you started. A little harder, we have records songs cock, soft, some of rosendo and groups of this style is practiced in this type too the “first, fourth and fifth” with positions of fifths.

A little trick to find songs in google is the inclusion of the word “tab” or “tab” before or after the name of the song.

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