Basic guitar chords

Well, the other day browsing a bit, I found this little image, it is bastente well; find most basic chords on guitar (Spanish, electric, acoustic).

The chords are named in the English form, should know not this nomenclature, I would explain above:

  •      The nomenclature is done through letters, so our scale (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si), in the English nomenclature would be (C, D, E, F, G, A, B):
    • A = La
    • B = Si
    • C = Do
    • D = Re
    • E = Mi
    • F = Fa
    • G = Sol
  • The chords also carry a letter eme, when M (uppercase), is called the major chord, and when m (lowercase) is called minor chord.
  • There are many who carry a number, for example 7; these chords are called seventh chords, because they carry footnote 7 counting on the scale from the note of the chord (this note seventh may also be higher or lower, but more on that later).
%name Basic guitar chords

Acordes básicos de guitarra

%name Basic guitar chords

Acordes básicos de guitarra

I hope you enjoy it, I already have taken a little out of the picture, hehe.

Musical Greetings;)

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