This time I leave a tutorial to learn a flamenco soleá falseta with tablature and metronome. In this third edition, the technique used is the “thumb finger” as in the previous video. You can! You are Guitarist! Lets Go!   TAB   Video

Falseta soleá with Tabs – No. 3

Soleá falseta tablature easy, number 2, with metronome included and slow speed, to learn to play flamenco guitar solea. This time I leave a tutorial on how to learn a flamenco soleá falseta, easy !!!. The technique used is the thumb as in the previous video. You can,!’re Guitarist! Lets […]

How to easily play falseta soleares with TAB – Nº ...

Los mejores profesores de guitarra en internet
What to learn to play the guitar can take a long time to lose because, Internet is full of garbage. If you need are good guitar tutorials in which you explain something more than playing cover of a song to make postureo, these are the educational channels that can be […]

5 Guitar Teachers Should Know

Rasgueo ventilador guitarra flamenca
One of the techniques used in flamenco flamenco guitar is strumming “fan”. It consists of 3 shots (triplets), executed with the thumb and ring the heart +. To practice strumming fan is very important to do it in slow and work up speed, if possible use a metronome.

Technical Flamenco Guitar: Strum Fan

One of the most important tasks for a flamenco musician is the “compass” to a great friend and a great enemy for others. This time I leave one of metronomes to practice bulerías and tangos to beat. I hope you enjoy them:

Flamenco Metronomes

En el toque por bulerías tradiciones es muy normal escuchar las “llamadas” al cante al empezar a tocar. Se utiliza mucho para acompañar al cante de Jeréz. Los “cierres” son utilizados constantemente por guitarristas, palmeros, bailadores y cantadores para darle ese carisma flamenco que se representa en el compás; para […]

Guitarra Flamenca: Llamada y cierre por bulerias